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Javotte D

JAVOTTE D, the dam of Desir du Chateau, was a successful national showjJumper. She produced 7 international showjumpers (Amande du Chateau, Carole du Chateau, Esther du Chateau, Etoile du Chateau, Horace du Chateau, Kartoom du Chateau, and Manuela du Chateau). She is also the dam of 2 approved stallions ( Ulak du Chateau and Desir du Chateau. Daughters of Javotte D have produced, to date, an additional 6 international showjumpers including Sophie du Chateau, the dam of the Itot du Chateau.

COR DE CHASSE, the sire of JAVOTTE d, sired the Grand Prix winner and Nations Cup mare Jorphee du Prieur.

BALLERINE III, the Angl-Arab dam of Javotte D, produced two international showjumpers (Grand Coeur A and Nelson de Beine)and she is the grand-dam of 14 international showjumpers and 3 approved stallions.

RANTZAU XX, the sire of Ballerine III, was a leading sire of dressage horses, show jumpers and event horses in France. He is regarded as the best Thoroughbred stallion who ever entered the French breeding industry of sport horses. He is the sire of the great Cor de la Bryere.

MANUELA, the Anglo Arab mare that is the foundation of this dynasty, produced four international showjumpers (Admiral, Graceful, Lumpur, and Moon Kiss); she is the grand-dam of 4 international showjumpers.



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