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11 November 2009


By Tom Reed
Horse International Vol 9 2008

During the last week of October the Holsteiner Verband's 2008 stallion inspection and auction of stallions and riding horses were held at the association's sales facility in Neumünster, Germany. The approval process started several months ago when 480 two-year-old stallion candidates were assessed in a variety of venues across the region. Ninety-nine candidates were invited to the final assessment in Neumünster and all but several appeared.

On Wednesday morning, the first day of the inspection, the stallions were assessed on hard ground in the open air. The approval commission stood at the top of a hard path lined by eager spectators on both sides, and the handlers walked and then trotted each stallion in hand. The purpose of this exercise is to assess the correctness and straightness of the walk and trot and to begin to form impressions of the athleticism and "type" of each horse, along with the intangible element "stallion presence".

On Wednesday afternoon the stallions' walk and trot were again assessed but this time in the indoor arena around a triangular course. The purpose of this exercise is to evaluate the suppleness and elasticity of the stallion and his gaits. Whereas on hard ground many youngsters are fearful of showing an expressive trot due to the risk of slipping or skidding on the surface, the indoor arena at Neumünster has a lovely bouncy surface that encouraged each stallion to show his best expressive movement while walking and trotting (and sometimes cantering!) alongside the handler.

The entire day on Thursday was spent loose-jumping the stallion candidates. Along with assessing their athleticism, scope, technique, reactions, and mind for the job, this exercise also provided the first opportunity to properly evaluate the canter.

On Friday morning the stallions were shown individually once again to the commission and then paraded in lots of ten. The approved stallions were named by the commission -- eventually 30 stallions were approved -- and those that were awarded a premium -- 6 stallions -- were highlighted.

Later on Friday afternoon, following the presentation of the mares and geldings that were to be offered the next day in the elite riding horse auction, the six premium stallions were again presented in hand to the commission. The champion, reserve champion, and second reserve champion were named. In the early evening the auction of approved stallions was held; nineteen of the thirty approved stallions were offered for sale.

The Champion stallion Cantoblanco descends from stamm 4965 and has a world-class motherline. Cantoblanco was sired by the young stallion Canto (Canturo x Limbus) and is out of the mare G-Casablanca (Carolus I x Calypso II); she is a full-sister of the international showjumping stallion Clinton I and the stallion Clinton II. A full-sister of G-Casablanca is the dam of the international jumping stallion Levisto. Also from this motherline come the international jumping mare Padua and her approved son and international jumper Zandor, along with Padua's siblings Sonora la Silla and Poor Boy. Cantoblanco's genetics are outstanding.

The dark brown Cantoblanco is a beautiful modern stallion that jumped very well and is very elastic and athletic in his movement. Cantoblanco was bred by Mr. Hartmann and presented for approval by his owner and rearer, the international showjumping rider Dirk Ahlmann. One-third shares in the champion were sold by Ahlmann after the approval to Hengstation Böckmann (in Oldenburg) and Klosterhof Medingen (in Hanover). According to Ahlmann, Cantoblanco has already been started under saddle and after just one week of riding is showing an "unbelievably good mind – he wants to work". Based on the motherline, which Ahlmann knows very well as he owns the dam G-Casablanca (and her brother Clinton I) plus several daughters that are also in breeding, he believes that Cantoblanco will finish growing at 169 or 170 cm (approximately 16.3 hands) and "he will give blood to a big mare". He is a very exciting prospect for sport and breeding.

The Reserve Champion Lantano was sired by Landos (Lord x Calypso I) and is out of the mare Cindy V (Caretino x Latino); he descends from stamm 8774, a minor motherline. However the good news is that his grand-mother Unora I produced the Holsteiner stallion Close-Up and the international 1.40 m. jumping mare No Way. This good-looking, modern stallion has a fantastic trot for which the crowd voiced its appreciation at every opportunity.

The Second Reserve Champion Carlo was sired by Carlos DZ (Cantus x Lavallo) and is out of the mare Gini II (Salient xx x Ahorn Z). He descends from stamm 2004, which has produced the stallions Acord's Champion, Ariadus, Ratibor, Livingstone, the full-brothers Caronimo and Contec, Cool Man K, and Carnando. In the immediate motherline the third dam Rebecca, herself an advanced dressage competitor, produced the approved stallion and international dressage horse Chromatico. Carlo is an elastic modern stallion that jumped very well. He should bring "blood" and expressive movement to his foals.

The Premium stallion Nektos descends from the important stamm 730b that produced the world-class stallions Caletto I and II (and Caletto II), scores of other stallion, and international showjumping, dressage, and eventing horses. Nektos was sired by Nekton (Nimmerdor x Coriano) and is out of the mare Orinka (Liatos x Fasolt). Orinka, has a half-brother Cinnamon that showjumped internationally. Nektos jumped with a lot of talent and is a modern type.

The Premium stallion Chin Champ was sired by the international showjumper Chin Chin (Constant x Farnese) and is out of the mare Ravenna II (Carvallo x Contender). Chin Champ descends from the important stamm 18b1, which produced notable sires such as Constant (the sire of Chin Chin), Farn (the sire of Nimmerdor), and the international jumping stallion Silvestre (who is creating his own dynasty at the Joter studfarm in Brazil with his son Singular Joter and his son Singulord Joter (the newly approved Singulaer, a son of Singulord Joter, is listed below). Chin Champ jumped in a very convincing manner.

The Premium stallion Cassito decends from stamm 104a and is royally bred with a world-class motherline. Cassito was sired by Cassiano (Cassini I x Calypso II) and is out of the mare Bravo (Reichsgraf x Rasputin). Cassito's mother Bravo is also the dam of the international jumper Caretana, the international jumper and approved stallion Caretano, and the approved stallions Contendro I and II. Bravo's full-sister Catania IV is dam of the international showjumpers Candiro and Cortland, and her daughter Pialottai is dam of the approved stallion Coppenroth. Bravo is also half-sister of the approved stallion Conteur. In other branches of stamm 104a we find the stallion Capitano, the recently deceased international jumping stallion Celano, the international showjumper and very good sire Corland, and the international jumpers Retina, Athlet 90, Athletico and Corlanda. Cassito jumped very well and he is a good-looking modern stallion.

Among the other approved stallions there is one that stands out with an exceptional motherline. Connor is by Casall (Caretino x Lavall I) and is out of the mare Korrada S (Cor de la Bryere x Capitol I), a full-sister to the international jumping star and progenitor Corrado I. Korrado S is also a full-sister of Fayence, the dam of the deceased international showjumping stallion Chellano, and Corrado II. They all descend from the small but outstanding stamm 6879. Connor showed exceptional jumping talent.

Several other approved stallions impressed me with their exceptional jumping ability: Classe, Contodo, Coco Jambo (both his sire and dam are by Contender so the apple did not fall far from the tree!), Cris, and For Ever Jump (who put on a fantastic display of scope and use of his back and hind legs over the jumps).

Table 1
(if offered for sale)

NAME (Bloodlines): Price if Sold at Auction (Country of Purchaser).

Champion Stallion:
CANTOBLANCO (Canto - Carolus I - Calypso II - Royal Wash xx).
Reserve Champion:
LANTANO (Landos - Caretino - Latino – Farnese): €75,000 (Netherlands).
Second Reserve Champion:
CARLO (Carlos DZ - Salient xx - Ahorn Z HAN - Calypso II): €70,000 (Poland).
NEKTOS (Nekton - Liatos - Fasolt – Lagos): €77,000 (Switzerland).
CHIN CHAMP (Chin Chin - Carvallo - Contender – Latino).
CASSITO (Cassiano - Reichsgraf - Rasputin - Tin Rod xx).
ESQUIRE (Esteban xx - Leandro - Rio Negro – Fangball): €35,000 (Belgium).
CICKDOWN (Candillo - Limbus - Constant – Lagano): €52,000 (Germany).
CANON (Canto - Quinar - Corofino I – Lenz): €55,000 (Germany).
CANTOLINO (Canto - Acorado - Lord – Ronald).
CANTIANOS (Canturo - Fier de Lui Z A.N - Sorgenbrecher xx – Markgraf): €110,000 (United Arab Emirates).
CARIANO (Caretino - Carano - Cabinett I - Tin Rod xx).
CAROLINO (Caretino - Calido I - Calando I - Landgraf I): €46,000 (Germany).
CANDIRO (Caretino - Libertino I - Rin Rocco - Polarfürst TRA): €35,000 (Germany).
CASSITANO (Casado - Briscar - Carthago – Ladalco).
CONNOR (Casall - Cor de la Bryere - Capitol I - Maestose xx).
CI CI SENJOR (Cassini I - Contender - Lord - Landgraf I): €270,000 (Denmark).
CANNAVARO (Cassini I - Contender - Landgraf I - Cor de la Bryere): €180,000 (Denmark).
CANZERO (Cassini II - Caretino - Lilian – Lombrad): €140,000 (Germany).
CLASSE (Chin Chin - Acobat II - Alasca – Farnese).
CONTODO (Contender - Calido - Corleone – Lorenz): €70,000 (Germany).
CONTADOS (Contender - Mytens xx - Ahorn Z HAN - Calypso I): €50,000 (Germany).
COCO JAMBO (Contendro I - Contender - Lorenz - Cor de la Bryere): €195,000 (Netherlands).
CORIANOS ASS (Coriano - Landgraf I - Coriolan – Lido): €65,000 (Poland).
CRIS (Cristo - Cicero - Calypso I - Sable Skinflint xx): €170,000 (Denmark).
FOR EVER JUMP (For Pleasure HAN - Chambertin - Carneval – Convent).
QUISSINI (Quidam de Revel - Cassini I - Landgraf I - Calypso I): €110,000 (Germany).
QUASAR (Quidam de Revel - Corofino I - Landgraf I – Fabulus): €150,000. (Poland)
QUARZ (Quintero - Caretino - Coriander – Fernando).
SINGULAER (Singulord Joter AUS - Contender - Silvester – Mephisto).

Average price: €102,895

Table 2

NAME (Bloodlines): Price (Country).

LEROY (Lucio Silla xx - Cor de la Bryere - Ladalco – Farnese): €8,000 (Germany).
ALL IN (Acodetto - Lux Z Han - Capitol I - Capitol I): €17,000 (Germany).
ACOPITOL (Acodetto - Capitol I - Landmeister - Sherry Netherland xx): €77,000 (Finland).
ALANT (Acolino - Chambertin - Corofino I - Athlet Z Han): €33,000 (Czech Republic).
ALESSANDRO (Aljano - Laurenz - Romino - Ladykiller xx): €9,500 (Germany).
CENTON (C-Trenton Z - Caletto I - Raimond - Sable Skinflint xx): €9,500 (Germany).
CANETTI (Calato - Loutano - Capitano - Ladykiller xx): €12,000 (Italy).
CALMINO (Calido I - Romino - Lester - Anblick xx): €24,000 (Germany).
CAPTAN (Canto - Raimondo - Calypso II – Losander): €11,000 (Germany).
CANTISSIMO (Canto - Corland - Lordano – Mowgli): €9,000 (Netherlands).
CANTORI (Canto - Calippo - Lagos – Lord): €18,000 (Austria).
CARRASCO (Caretino - Capitol I - Thuswin xx – Gallwitz): €13,500 (Hungary).
CARLOW (Caretino - Contender - Fier de Lui Z A.N - Sorgenbrecher xx): €60,000 (Denmark).
CALYDON (Caretino - Painter´s Row xx - Capitol I - Landgraf I): €19,000 (Germany).
CASILIUS (Casall - Cambridge - Carthago - Latus II): €13,000 (Denmark).
CONDITION (Casiro I - Barnaul xx - Alcatraz – Credo): €15,000 (Germany).
CASSANO (Cassiano - Edelmann - Landgraf I – Aladin): €13,000 (Germany).
CASSILIO (Cassini I - Heraldik xx - Capitano – Farnese): €45,000 (Poland).
CASSINGER (Cassini I - Contender - Lancer I - Silbersee A.N): €62,000 (Slovakia).
CALEO (Cassini I - Caretino - Lord – Raimond): €68,000 (Germany).
CASSIONATO (Cassini I - Exorbitant xx - Ahorn Z HAN - Calypso II): €35,000 (Germany).
CARAMBOLE (Cassini I - Concerto II - Sir Shostakovich xx – Lincoln): €13,000 (Slovakia).
CHORUS LINE (Cassini II - Salient xx - Rasputin – Laertes): €25,000 (Germany).
CANTOR (Cassini II - Lacapo - Follywise xx – Goldschmied): €15,000 (Germany).
CATOUSH (Catoki - Landego - Roman - Sawara xx): €8,000 (Belgium).
CAPPO (Cesano II - Paramount - Caletto I - Marlon xx): €17,500 (USA).
CHIN CHINOH (Chin Chin - Lord - Landgraf I – Colt): €45,000 (Germany).
COMPANIERO (Con Air - Sir Shostakovich xx - Calypso I – Capitano): €30,000 (Slovakia).
CRONPRINZ (Con Air - Carvallo - Lagos - Monometer xx): €9,000 (Unknown).
CALMANDO (Contender - Noble Roi xx - Athlet Z HAN – Lord): €22,000 (Germany).
CASALANO (Contender - Capitol I - Sacramento Song xx - Tin Rod xx): withdrawn.
CUSTER (Contender - Anthonys Dream xx - Sable Skinflint xx – Logger): €15,000 (Hungary).
CONNECT ME (Contender - Le Grand I - Kosak – Cromwell): €35,000 (Brazil).
CHLODWIG (Coriano - Heraldik xx - Lavall I – Ladalco): €10,500 (Germany).
CURANO (Coriano - Lancer II - Coriander - Cor de la Bryere): €60,000 (France)
COLDPLAY (Cormint - Exorbitant xx - Caletto I - Capitol I): €18,000 (Slovakia).
CRESENT (Cristo - Heraldik xx - Landgraf I - Cor de la Bryere): €25,000 (Netherlands).
DELAURIER (Diament de Semilly - Counter - Acord II – Rasputin): €80,000 (Unknown).
EMPIRE (Ephebe for Ever - Contender - Merlin - Manometer xx: €35,000 (Ukraine).
LADRO (Lavall II - Lagos - Ramiro - Marlon xx): €30,000 (Germany).
LEVISTANO (Levisto - Caletto I - Calypso II - Marlon xx): €23,000 (Germany).
LUBINUS (Limotas - Linos - Grundyman xx – Roman): €27,000 (Germany).
LEGANO (Lorentin I - Coriander - Cor de la Bryere – Lincoln): €29,500 (Germany).
LOTTO CHAMP (Lucky Champ - Coriander - Rocco - Caletto II): €13,500 (Germany).
NERRADO (Nekton - Carvallo - Calypso II – Cantares): €17,000 (Poland).
QUINTANER (Quidam de Revel - Candillo - Aloube Z HAN - Calypso I): €21,000 (Mexico).
QUEMPAS (Quidam de Revel - Candillo - Alcatraz - Landgraf I): €30,000 (France).
QUIDO (Quinar - Landlord - Capitano - Ladykiller xx): €12,000 (Italy).
QUDO (Quintero - Coronado - Silbersee A.N – Fridericus): €21,000 (Belgium).
QURAGE (Quite Capitol - Latouro - Lord - Tumbled xx): withdrawn.

Average price: €26,219