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17 July 2006

How Do We Sell Horses on the Internet?

by Tom Reed

About 75% of the horses Morningside Stud sells are purchased by clients who have contacted us over the internet, and about 75% of those internet clients buy horses from us on the basis of emailed photos and video clips -- meaning that they do not come to Ireland to inspect horses before purchase. We have sold many horses this way to clients as near to Ireland as the UK and as far away as the Netherlands, USA and South America.

Selling horses over the internet places a special responsibility on us because we never know in advance if a client will come to Ireland or make the purchase decision from home. We have never had a client be disappointed when his or her purchase arrived at its new home. We believe this is because of several values that guide us:

-- We offer only our best horses for sale on the internet. The internet is our shop window and we want the world to be impressed by what we are producing through our breeding program.

-- We only offer for sale on the internet horses in which we have 100% confidence that a new owner will be absolutely delighted when his or her horse arrives at its new home. We assume that prospective purchasers will not be travelling to Ireland to inspect horses, so we only offer on the internet horses that our clients need NOT see before they buy.

-- We list the price of each horse offered for sale on the internet. We do this to assure clients that they are being offered a fair deal irrespective of which country they come from: there is no mark-up for international clients.

These values have guided our internet marketing and sales activities from the beginning, and they have allowed us to build an excellent global reputation. We will keep the trust of our clients by holding to these values in the future.